About The GRID


At The GRID: Powered by Goodwill, you’ll find just about anything that relates to computers, technology and gaming – at Goodwill prices! We carry a diverse variety of new, refurbished and donated products, including desktop and laptop computers, games and gaming consoles, printers, flat-screen televisions, tablets, audio equipment, phone accessories and more.


Proceeds from the sale of merchandise fund career training courses, job search support, family stability services and more, all of which we offer free of charge to thousands of people in our community each year. Chances are, you may know someone whom we’ve helped because of your support.

Additionally, The GRID helps eliminate electronic waste. Through our partnership with Dell Reconnect, we recycled and refurbished almost 1.3 million pounds of electronics last year. Electronics that are donated in good working condition or items we’re able to refurbish are sold at The GRID. Items that cannot be resold or refurbished are disposed of in a responsible manner to ensure that no environmentally-sensitive materials are sent to landfills.